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June News 2020

A Note From Our Principal

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! As we move into June and continue our distance learning program, we are planning a lot of fun virtual events that we can do “together” this month. We hope you can join in! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Ms. Mila, Principal

Ms. Brittany, Assistant Principal

Health and Safety Measures 

The health and safety of our children and families is always our highest priority. To mitigate the risks of COVID-19 while children are in our care, we have adopted additional health and safety measures based on CDC guidelines, state and local regulations, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Whenever we can reopen, procedures are outlined on our school website.

Distance Learning Survey

As you know, during this difficult health crisis we have been offering our distance learning program to enrolled families as a way to continue students’ educational progress and keep them in contact with friends and familiar faces from school. The distance learning program is very new, and we want to make continuous improvements to better meet your and your child’s needs. To that end, if your child at any point participated in distance learning, you should have received an email inviting you to participate in a brief survey. We would really appreciate your feedback!

Important Dates


June 8th— Pajama Day!  Wake up and come to class in your favorite pajamas!

June 9th – Costume Day!  Show us your favorite costume!

June 10th – Wacky Wednesday!  Show up in your silliest gear!

June 11th – Summer Day!  Show us your coolest summer gear!

June 12th – Zoom End of Year Celebration!

From Our Education Department

Fun & Messy Activities to Do Outside This Summer

Take learning outdoors this summer with your child’s favorite messy items! Bubbles, paint and shaving cream can provide multi-sensory experiences that are fun and engaging. Below are four activities to try together this month.

1. Water Balloon Paint

Mix ¾ water and ¼ washable paint in a squeeze bottle. Fill water balloons with the paint mixture. Place an old white bed sheet on your lawn or driveway. Encourage your child to pop the balloons by jumping up and down on them. He’ll love seeing the paint splatter.

2. Shaving Cream Slip-n-Slide

Secure a large tarp on a soft area of grass in your yard. Provide your child with shaving cream and buckets of water and ask him to cover the tarp. If you have multiple children, encourage them to practice taking turns.

3. Spray Bottle Art

Fasten a piece of paper to an easel, tree trunk, or other vertical surface outside. Fill spray bottles with watercolor paint and water. Encourage your child to spray fast, slow, left, and right. He’ll practice fine motor skills while also developing his creativity.

4. Outdoor Bubble Bath

Fill a kiddie pool with water, bubble bath solution, small cups, funnels, and bath toys. Encourage your child to hop in the pool and explore. Conduct a sink vs. float experiment, practice scooping and dumping, or count all the items in the water.

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